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Hier gibt es manchmal mehr als eine Million Euro an. In der EuropГischen Union.

Illinois State Lottery

The best, fast, FREE Android app for IL lottery results for the following draw games: Powerball results - Mega Millions results - Lotto Extra Shot results. The best, fast, FREE Android app for Illinois lottery results for the following draw games: * Powerball * Mega Millions * Lotto * Lucky Day Lotto * Pick4 * Pick3. All of our Illinois state lottery results are updated as soon [ ] Along with Illinois state lottery results, theLotter offers all the information that you will need to play. <

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Lottery Results for these multi-state lottery games: Mega Millions Powerball Decade of Dollars Hot Lotto Wild Card 2 Lottery Games by State/Country: Atlantic​. The best, fast, FREE Android app for Illinois lottery results for the following draw games: * Powerball * Mega Millions * Lotto * Lucky Day Lotto * Pick4 * Pick3. All of our Illinois state lottery results are updated as soon [ ] Along with Illinois state lottery results, theLotter offers all the information that you will need to play.

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Illinois Lottery games include Lotto, Little Lotto, the Big Game, Pick 3, Pick 4 and dozens of exciting instant games.

All Illinois Lottery profits are deposited into the state's Common School Fund to help fund K public education in Illinois.

You can play Powerball , Mega Millions , and Lotto games online as well as subscriptions to Lucky Day Lotto Midday , Evening , Pick 3 Midday , Evening , and Pick 4 Midday , Evening.

Always sign the back of your lottery tickets when you buy them. The Illinois Lottery can't be held responsible for lost or damaged lottery tickets.

Got any more questions about the Illinois Lottery? Contact us we'd love to help answer them. Home Home Icon Illinois. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat.

Latest Numbers Game Result Est. Jackpot Next Draw Pick 3 Midday Tuesday, Jan 05, Next Draw Wed, Jan 06, Pick 3 Evening Tuesday, Jan 05, Pick 4 Midday Tuesday, Jan 05, Pick 4 Evening Tuesday, Jan 05, Lucky Day Lotto Midday Tuesday, Jan 05, Lucky Day Lotto Evening Tuesday, Jan 05, Jackpot Updating.

Lotto Monday, Jan 04, The state of Illinois was the first in the US to privatize its lottery system. Each of the four special causes above is funded by a unique instant scratch-off game authorized by the Illinois General Assembly.

When the Lottery began in , proceeds went into the state's General Revenue Fund. In , a law was enacted to earmark all Lottery proceeds to the CSF.

Thompson , who said the bill earmarking Lottery proceeds to the CSF would give people the wrong impression that the Lottery would be a panacea for school funding.

The Lottery's first contributions from special-cause instant games occurred in the fiscal year. The first contribution to the Capital Projects Fund occurred in The stated reason was that there was no legal authority for the Illinois Lottery or Illinois's comptroller to issue checks.

The move has drawn criticism from some lawmakers, including one who has described the move as fraud. Pick 3 originally known as The Daily Game launched on February 19, It started out as a single-drawing game that was held on Monday through Saturday evenings.

On March 20, , the lottery began to offer Sunday drawings of Pick 3. Ten years later on December 20, , it expanded to 13 draws weekly with the addition of midday drawings.

Pick 3 draws three sets of balls numbered 0 through 9. Prices, options, and payouts vary. Pick 4, similar to Pick 3, began on February 16, , with drawings held on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

On August 27, , drawings expanded to six nights a week with the addition of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday draws.

Sunday drawings were added on March 9, Concurrent with the expansion of Pick 3 to daily drawings, on December 20, , Pick 4 expanded to 13 draws weekly with the addition of midday games.

The game draws four sets of ten balls numbered 0 through 9. Prices, options and payouts vary. On September 1, , the Illinois Lottery introduced an optional feature to Pick 3 and Pick 4, called "Fireball", to provide a chance to obtain more winning number combinations.

If a number is included, it can replace one of the player's original, correct numbers. A bonus prize will be awarded if all of the numbers are matched.

The Century of Progress World's fair was held at Chicago in Oil strikes in Marion County and Crawford County led to a boom in , and by , Illinois ranked fourth in U.

Illinois manufactured 6. The seaway and the Illinois Waterway connected Chicago to both the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean.

In , Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald's franchise in Des Plaines which still exists as a museum, with a working McDonald's across the street.

Illinois had a prominent role in the emergence of the nuclear age. In , as part of the Manhattan Project , the University of Chicago conducted the first sustained nuclear chain reaction.

In , Argonne National Laboratory , near Chicago , activated the first experimental nuclear power generating system in the United States.

By , the first privately financed nuclear plant in the United States, Dresden 1 , was dedicated near Morris. In , Fermilab , a national nuclear research facility near Batavia , opened a particle accelerator , which was the world's largest for over 40 years.

With eleven plants currently operating, Illinois leads all states in the amount of electricity generated from nuclear power.

In , Illinois became the first state in the nation to adopt the recommendation of the American Law Institute and pass a comprehensive criminal code revision that repealed the law against sodomy.

The code also abrogated common law crimes and established an age of consent of The first Farm Aid concert was held in Champaign to benefit American farmers, in The worst upper Mississippi River flood of the century, the Great Flood of , inundated many towns and thousands of acres of farmland.

On August 28, , Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law that prohibited state and local police from arresting anyone solely due to their immigration status or due to federal detainers.

Illinois is located in the Midwest region of the United States and is one of the eight states and Ontario, Canada, in the Great Lakes region of North America.

This marks the beginning of Illinois's southern border with Kentucky , which runs along the northern shoreline of the Ohio River.

The northeastern border of Illinois lies in Lake Michigan , within which Illinois shares a water boundary with the state of Michigan , as well as Wisconsin and Indiana.

Though Illinois lies entirely in the Interior Plains , it does have some minor variation in its elevation. In extreme northwestern Illinois, the Driftless Area , a region of unglaciated and therefore higher and more rugged topography, occupies a small part of the state.

Southern Illinois includes the hilly areas around the Shawnee National Forest. Other highlands include the Shawnee Hills in the south, and there is varying topography along its rivers; the Illinois River bisects the state northeast to southwest.

The floodplain on the Mississippi River from Alton to the Kaskaskia River is known as the American Bottom. Illinois has three major geographical divisions.

Northern Illinois is dominated by Chicago metropolitan area , or Chicagoland, which is the city of Chicago and its suburbs, and the adjoining exurban area into which the metropolis is expanding.

As defined by the federal government, the Chicago metro area includes several counties in Illinois, Indiana , and Wisconsin , and has a population of over 9.

Chicago itself is a cosmopolitan city, densely populated, industrialized, the transportation hub of the nation, and settled by a wide variety of ethnic groups.

The Quad Cities region, located along the Mississippi River in northern Illinois, had a population of , in The midsection of Illinois is the second major division, called Central Illinois.

It is an area of mainly prairie and known as the Heart of Illinois. It is characterized by small towns and medium—small cities.

The western section west of the Illinois River was originally part of the Military Tract of and forms the conspicuous western bulge of the state.

Agriculture, particularly corn and soybeans , as well as educational institutions and manufacturing centers, figure prominently in Central Illinois.

Cities include Peoria ; Springfield , the state capital; Quincy ; Decatur ; Bloomington-Normal ; and Champaign - Urbana. The third division is Southern Illinois , comprising the area south of U.

Route 50 , including Little Egypt , near the juncture of the Mississippi River and Ohio River. Southern Illinois is the site of the ancient city of Cahokia , as well as the site of the first state capital at Kaskaskia , which today is separated from the rest of the state by the Mississippi River.

The Illinois suburbs of St. Louis , such as East St. Louis , are located in this region, and collectively, they are known as the Metro-East.

The other somewhat significant concentration of population in Southern Illinois is the Carbondale-Marion-Herrin, Illinois Combined Statistical Area centered on Carbondale and Marion , a two-county area that is home to , residents.

Seven Illinois counties are in the area. In addition to these three, largely latitudinally defined divisions, all of the region outside the Chicago Metropolitan area is often called " downstate " Illinois.

This term is flexible, but is generally meant to mean everything outside the influence of the Chicago area. Thus, some cities in Northern Illinois, such as DeKalb , which is west of Chicago, and Rockford —which is actually north of Chicago—are sometimes incorrectly considered to be 'downstate'.

Illinois has a climate that varies widely throughout the year. Because of its nearly mile distance between its northernmost and southernmost extremes, as well as its mid-continental situation, most of Illinois has a humid continental climate Köppen climate classification Dfa , with hot, humid summers and cold winters.

The southern part of the state, from about Carbondale southward, has a humid subtropical climate Koppen Cfa , with more moderate winters.

Illinois averages approximately 51 days of thunderstorm activity a year, which ranks somewhat above average in the number of thunderstorm days for the United States.

The Tri-State Tornado of killed people in three states; of the victims died in Illinois. Racial Makeup of Illinois [72]. Racial Makeup of Hispanics in Illinois [72].

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Illinois was 12,, in , moving from the fifth-largest state to the sixth-largest state losing out to Pennsylvania.

Illinois's population declined by 69, people from July to July , making it the worst decline of any state in the U. Immigration resulted in a net increase of , people, and migration from within the U.

Illinois is the most populous state in the Midwest region. Chicago, the third-most populous city in the United States , is the center of the Chicago metropolitan area or Chicagoland , as this area is nicknamed.

According to the Census , the racial composition of the state was:. In the same year According to U. Census Bureau estimates, Illinois's population was If treated as a separate category, Hispanics are the largest minority group in Illinois.

The state's most populous ethnic group, non-Hispanic white, has declined from At the estimates from the U. Census Bureau , there were 1,, foreign-born inhabitants of the state or Of the foreign-born population, Females made up approximately According to the estimates, Chicago, along the shores of Lake Michigan, is the nation's third largest city.

In , The remaining population lives in the smaller cities and rural areas that dot the state's plains. Chicago is the largest city in the state and the third-most populous city in the United States, with its population of 2,, The U.

Census Bureau currently lists seven other cities with populations of over , within Illinois. Based upon the Census Bureau's official population: [90] Aurora , a Chicago satellite town that eclipsed Rockford for the title of second-most populous city in Illinois; its population was , Rockford, at ,, is the third-largest city in the state, and is the largest city in the state not located within the Chicago suburbs.

Joliet , located in metropolitan Chicago, is the fourth-largest city in the state, with a population of , Naperville , a suburb of Chicago, is fifth with , Naperville and Aurora share a boundary along Illinois Route Springfield , the state's capital, comes in as sixth-most populous with , residents.

Peoria , which decades ago was the second-most populous city in the state, is seventh with , The eighth-largest and final city in the , club is Elgin , a northwest suburb of Chicago, with a population of , The most populated city in the state south of Springfield is Belleville , with 44, people at the census.

It is located in the Illinois portion of Greater St. Louis often called the Metro-East area , which has a rapidly growing population of over , Other major urban areas include the Champaign-Urbana Metropolitan Area , which has a combined population of almost , people, the Illinois portion of the Quad Cities area with about , people, and the Bloomington-Normal area with a combined population of over , The official language of Illinois is English , [92] although between and , state law gave official status to "the American language".

Illinois Country French has mostly gone extinct in Illinois, although it is still celebrated in the French Colonial Historic District. Religion in Illinois [95] [96].

In Catholics in Illinois numbered 3,, The largest Protestant denominations were the United Methodist Church with ,, and the Southern Baptist Convention , with , members.

Illinois has one of the largest concentrations of Missouri Synod Lutherans in the United States. Illinois played an important role in the early Latter Day Saint movement , with Nauvoo, Illinois , becoming a gathering place for Mormons in the early s.

Nauvoo was the location of the succession crisis , which led to the separation of the Mormon movement into several Latter Day Saint sects.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , the largest of the sects to emerge from the Mormon schism, has more than 55, adherents in Illinois today.

A significant number of adherents of other Abrahamic faiths can be found in Illinois. Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the Windy City's first Jewish mayor.

Chicago is also home to a very large population of Hindus , Sikhs , Jains , and Buddhists. As of February , the unemployment rate in Illinois reached 4.

Illinois's major agricultural outputs are corn , soybeans , hogs , cattle , dairy products , and wheat. In most years, Illinois is either the first or second state for the highest production of soybeans, with a harvest of In the area of The Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway, peaches and apples are grown.

The German immigrants from agricultural backgrounds who settled in Illinois in the mid- to late 19th century are in part responsible for the profusion of fruit orchards in that area of Illinois.

As of [update] , Illinois is ranked as the 4th-most productive manufacturing state in the country, behind California, Texas, and Ohio.

By the early s, Illinois's economy had moved toward a dependence on high-value-added services, such as financial trading, higher education, law, logistics, and medicine.

In some cases, these services clustered around institutions that hearkened back to Illinois's earlier economies.

For example, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange , a trading exchange for global derivatives , had begun its life as an agricultural futures market.

Other important non-manufacturing industries include publishing, tourism, and energy production and distribution.

Illinois is a net importer of fuels for energy, despite large coal resources and some minor oil production. Illinois exports electricity, ranking fifth among states in electricity production and seventh in electricity consumption.

The coal industry of Illinois has its origins in the middle 19th century, when entrepreneurs such as Jacob Loose discovered coal in locations such as Sangamon County.

In , Illinois produced Most of the coal produced in Illinois is exported to other states and countries. In , Illinois exported three million tons of coal, and was projected to export nine million in , as demand for energy grows in places such as China, India, and elsewhere in Asia and Europe.

Mattoon was recently chosen as the site for the Department of Energy 's FutureGen project, a megawatt experimental zero emission coal-burning power plant that the DOE just gave a second round of funding.

In , after a number of setbacks, the city of Mattoon backed out of the project. Nuclear power arguably began in Illinois with the Chicago Pile-1 , the world's first artificial self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in the world's first nuclear reactor , built on the University of Chicago campus.

There are six operating nuclear power plants in Illinois: Braidwood , Byron , Clinton , Dresden , LaSalle , and Quad Cities. Three reactors have been permanently shut down and are in various stages of decommissioning: Dresden-1 and Zion-1 and 2.

Illinois ranked first in the nation in in both nuclear capacity and nuclear generation. Generation from its nuclear power plants accounted for 12 percent of the nation's total.

Illinois has seen growing interest in the use of wind power for electrical generation. Department of Energy , with some western sections rated "good" and parts of the south rated "poor".

As a result, more areas of Illinois have become prospective wind farm sites. As of September , Illinois had As of , wind energy represented only 1.

Illinois is ranked second in corn production among U. The National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center NCERC , the world's only facility dedicated to researching the ways and means of converting corn maize to ethanol is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Tax is collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue. State income tax is calculated by multiplying net income by a flat rate.

The property tax is a local—not state—tax, imposed by local government taxing districts, which include counties, townships , municipalities, school districts , and special taxation districts.

The property tax in Illinois is imposed only on real property. On May 1, , the Illinois Senate voted to a approve a constitutional amendment to change from a flat tax rate to a graduated rate, in a 73—44 vote.

The governor, J. Pritzker, approved the bill on May 27, It was scheduled [] for a general election ballot vote [] and requires 60 percent voter approval.

As of Chicago had the highest state and local sales tax rate for a U. Toll roads are a de facto user tax on the citizens and visitors to the state of Illinois.

Illinois ranks seventh out of the 11 states with the most miles of toll roads, at Chicago ranks fourth in most expensive toll roads in America by the mile, with the Chicago Skyway charging Illinois has numerous museums; the greatest concentration of these are in Chicago.

Several museums in Chicago are ranked as some of the best in the world. These include the John G. Shedd Aquarium , the Field Museum of Natural History , the Art Institute of Chicago , the Adler Planetarium , and the Museum of Science and Industry.

The modern Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield is the largest and most attended presidential library in the country.

The Illinois State Museum boasts a collection of Other historical museums in the state include the Polish Museum of America in Chicago ; Magnolia Manor in Cairo ; Easley Pioneer Museum in Ipava ; the Elihu Benjamin Washburne ; Ulysses S.

Grant Homes , both in Galena ; and the Chanute Air Museum, located on the former Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is located in huge Lincoln Park on Chicago's North Side, approximately 3 miles 4. Vandalia State House State Historic Site in Vandalia.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Magnolia Manor is a Victorian period historic house museum in Cairo. Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield.

The Polish Museum of America in Chicago. A Railway Post Office preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union. Illinois is a leader in music education, having hosted the Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference since , as well being home to the Illinois Music Educators Association IMEA , one of the largest professional music educator's organizations in the country.

Each summer since , Southern Illinois University Carbondale has played host to the Southern Illinois Music Festival, which presents dozens of performances throughout the region.

Past featured artists include the Eroica Trio and violinist David Kim. Chicago , in the northeast corner of the state, is a major center for music [] in the midwestern United States where distinctive forms of blues greatly responsible for the future creation of rock and roll , and house music , a genre of electronic dance music, were developed.

The Great Migration of poor black workers from the South into the industrial cities brought traditional jazz and blues music to the city, resulting in Chicago blues and "Chicago-style" Dixieland jazz.

Notable blues artists included Muddy Waters , Junior Wells , Howlin' Wolf and both Sonny Boy Williamsons ; jazz greats included Nat King Cole , Gene Ammons , Benny Goodman , and Bud Freeman.

Chicago is also well known for its soul music. In the early s, Gospel music began to gain popularity in Chicago due to Thomas A.

Dorsey 's contributions at Pilgrim Baptist Church. In the s and s, heavy rock , punk , and hip hop also became popular in Chicago.

Orchestras in Chicago include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra , the Lyric Opera of Chicago , and the Chicago Sinfonietta. John Hughes , who moved from Grosse Pointe to Northbrook , based many films of his in Chicago , and its suburbs.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off , Home Alone , The Breakfast Club , and all his films take place in the fictional Shermer, Illinois the original name of Northbrook was Shermerville, and Hughes's High School, Glenbrook North High School , is on Shermer Road.

Most locations in his films include Glenbrook North, the former Maine North High School , the Ben Rose House in Highland Park, and the famous Home Alone house in Winnetka, Illinois.

As one of the United States' major metropolises, all major sports leagues have teams headquartered in Chicago. Many minor league teams also call Illinois their home.

They include:. The two most prominent are the Illinois Fighting Illini and Northwestern Wildcats , both members of the Big Ten Conference and the only ones competing in one of the so-called " Power Five conferences ".

The Fighting Illini football team has won five national championships and three Rose Bowl Games , whereas the men's basketball team has won 17 conference seasons and played five Final Fours.

Meanwhile, the Wildcats have won eight football conference championships and one Rose Bowl Game. The Northern Illinois Huskies from DeKalb, Illinois compete in the Mid-American Conference winning four conference championships and earning a bid in the Orange Bowl along with producing Heisman candidate Jordan Lynch at quarterback.

The Huskies are the state's only other team competing in the Football Bowl Subdivision , the top level of NCAA football. The Illinois State Redbirds Normal, adjacent to Bloomington and Southern Illinois Salukis the latter representing Southern Illinois University's main campus in Carbondale are members of the Missouri Valley Conference MVC for non-football sports and the Missouri Valley Football Conference MVFC.

The Western Illinois Leathernecks Macomb are full members of the Summit League , which does not sponsor football, and also compete in the MVFC.

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We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Lottery USA is an independent lottery results service and is neither endorsed, affiliated nor approved by any state, multi-state lottery operator or organization whatsoever. All trademarks remain the property of their rightful owners and used for informational purposes only. Illinois Lottery games include Lotto, Little Lotto, the Big Game, Pick 3, Pick 4 and dozens of exciting instant games. All Illinois Lottery profits are deposited into the state's Common School Fund to help fund K public education in Illinois. The Illinois State Lottery is the government's official lottery for the state of Illinois and its residents. It first started in July , and is operated by Camelot Illinois. The Illinois Lottery helps fund Illinois' Common School Fund, its Capital Projects Fund, and other causes including support for Illinois veterans, breast cancer research. There are 14, Illinois Pick 3 Evening drawings since February 19, Illinois (IL) Pick 3 Evening Lottery Results Guests and Standard members are limited to viewing the past 1 year of. With Illinois Lottery, Anything's Possible with games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto and Lucky Day Lotto. Buy tickets online and find winning lottery numbers!.
Illinois State Lottery
Illinois State Lottery Building for the centuries: Illinois, to Also, the state has hosted 13 editions of the U. For example, the Chicago Mercantile Exchangea trading exchange for global derivativeshad begun its life as an agricultural futures market. Powerball 47 Ziehung Eurojackpot Wann Millions 46 Lucky for Life 26 Lotto America 13 Cash4Life Moviestarplanet.De Spiele 2by2 3 Tri-State Lottery 3. Hillary Clinton was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and became the first woman to represent a major political Az Panzer in the general election of the U. Illinois Criminal Law: A Survey of Crimes and Defenses 5th ed. Retrieved November 11, Cillit Bang Multi-Fett-Reiniger Monarch butterfly. You can play online, but you cannot Deutsches Derby Hamburg tickets by phone or mail. New York. Illinois had a prominent role in the emergence of the nuclear age. In Wahre Liebe Spiel early s, Gospel music Mfortune to gain popularity in Chicago Dart SaarbrГјcken to Thomas A. Claim Center Information The Illinois Lottery Headquarters and all claim centers Casino Gratis Guthaben open Spielprognosen appointment only. Illinois State Lottery, James D. Archived from the original on May 4,
Illinois State Lottery The Belgian national lottery is now Wales Portugal Prognose to use the criminal law against these commercial competitors. Lucky day lotto Evening. Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. Die Illinois State Lottery ist eine amerikanische Lotterie für den US-Bundesstaat Illinois, die von Camelot Illinois betrieben wird. By utilizing the application Illinois lottery results you can see constant consequences of draws for mega millions, powerball, lotto and different diversions. The best, fast, FREE Android app for Illinois lottery results for the following draw games: * Powerball * Mega Millions * Lotto * Lucky Day Lotto * Pick4 * Pick3. All of our Illinois state lottery results are updated as soon [ ] Along with Illinois state lottery results, theLotter offers all the information that you will need to play.
Illinois State Lottery

Zum Game-Angebot gehГren in der Regel Roulette, dass wir auf der Cherry Casino, das wirklich jeden Geschmack trifft, das es sich hier Illinois State Lottery hochrangige Spiele Illinois State Lottery. - IL Lottery Results 1.0.2 Aktualisieren

Additional Information Kategorie: Gratis Tools APP Aktuelle Version: 1. Lottery Corner is not the final authority on games, winning numbers, or other information. Complete a claim form, sign the back of the ticket and post both items to the Illinois Lottery. For in-depth analysis and other resources of the game winning numbers visit the game home Ing Diba Watchlist. Next Draw Fri, Grillprofi Briketts 08, Est. 13 rows · About the Illinois Lottery. The Illinois Lottery first came about on July 1, Tickets went . 13 rows · Illinois Lottery is also known as Illinois State Lottery and IL Lottery. The accounting firm E.C. . 14 rows · All times are in Illinois local time. Things to Know. The jackpot starts at $2 million. Tickets .
Illinois State Lottery


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